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A Conversation with David Connerley Nahm

A Conversation with David Connerley Nahm

David Connerley Nahm’s debut novel, Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky, published by Two Dollar Radio, is moving and haunting, lyrical and ever so strange (in a good way). It revisits the way we tell the stories, and how we believe them and let them move us through the world. Set in a small town in rural Kentucky, the novel also explores with rhythmic poeticism the potential for beauty in the…

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What We’re Looking For: Lumina Online

Upon finishing one of her favorite short stories with our Spring 2014 class, Kathleen Hill articulated her essential feeling toward the author, Thomas Mann: thanks. I can’t imagine how hard he worked to get through this, Kathleen brooded, fingers in scalp. I feel just so grateful.

Most comforting to me about almost any written work is that it comes from another human. A regular person thought…

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What We’re Looking For: Poetry, Lumina XIV

Whenever a new year starts and we begin looking for submissions to fill the journal, it’s generally prudent to set out some guidelines for those looking to submit. This is a dowsing stick intended to aid you in finding the poetic groundwater and should give (I hope) a baseline of what it is I enjoy and I am looking for in submissions.

I’m looking for the transmutation of too many feelings or love…

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LUMINA Vol. XIV Poetry Contest Judge Announced! Contest Now Open!

LUMINA Vol. XIV is excited to announce Patricia Lockwood as the judge for our 2014 poetry writing contest!

Patricia Lockwood has published two collections of poems (Balloon Pop Outlaw Black Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals) and is just as popular on Twitter as she is in bookstores. “Rape Joke” made her infamous, but her poems published in some of the country’s most prestigious journals have cemented her as a poet who is complex, humourous and grammatically intoxicating. She is a poet who will turn over a new leaf in American poetry and will start the conversations needed to head forward.

We’re very honored and lucky to have someone we hold in such high regard judge this year’s poetry contest.

All contest submissions will also be considered for publication.


Deadline: October 15, 2014
Please read the guidelines carefully. If you include your personal information on the document, or exceed the line limit, your submission will no be considered.

  • Submission Fee: $12
  • Include a 100 word bio (max) at the bottom of your cover letter.
  • Submit up to three poems, 60 lines maximum per poem. You must submit your work in a single document, even if you are sending several poems.
  • DO NOT INCLUDE your name or any personal information in the body of your submission.
  • Previously published works will not be considered.
  • We do accept simultaneous submissions. Please withdraw your submission immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

First Place: $500, publication in LUMINA Vol. XIV
Second Place: $250, publication in LUMINA Vol. XIV
Third Place: $100, publication in LUMINA Online Literary Journal

Submit to our Poetry Contest through our online submission manager.

What is LUX?


A lesson from Suhasini Yeeda, Multimedia Editor (LUX)

LUX is a Multimedia literary journal, run entirely by Sarah Lawrence grad students. It came into fruition last year. It was born as an experimentation on what a literary journal could be. A coming together of both old print media and new and expanding technology.

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@lumina_journal is now accepting submissions in art, poetry, fiction and non-fiction

@lumina_journal is now accepting submissions in art, poetry, fiction and non-fiction